Prehistoric Proof of Ancient Aliens AMAZING Full Documentary 2017 HD

  • Trisha Mahajan
  • Aug 17, 2017

What many scientists and scholars have been debating over for decades is being proved by the prehistoric cavemen. Here, we are talking about the existence of UFOs as well as aliens. Mainstream scientists do not really agree in their existence, and as per UFO enthusiasts and exponents of ancient astronaut theory they exist and they have been visiting us since ancient times. Moreover, there are many instances of cave drawings which bear images of what is called aliens and UFOs. It is also believed that pre historic caveman used to draw anything that he used to see, therefore the existences of the images of aliens and UFOs in the miscellaneous cave drawings absolutely prove that UFOs and aliens are not just the yields of creative minds.

Alien Cave drawings- Europe

These drawings date back to circa 10,000 BC which is located at Val Camonica in Italy, portrays a couple of humanoids wearing some kind of protective clothing that exactly resembles our modern day spacesuits. Also, one of the figures there is actually holding another one while you can see several other images of alien like structures in the borders of the drawings.

These cryptic drawings, known as petroglyphs, appear to show two men in helmets along with strange weapons. This, according to some, is a proof that ancient astronauts came to Earth.

Also, the petroglyphs seem to show some strange figures in protective suits, while the white lines seem to be coming from their heads. Some are suggesting that it portrays lights built into the helmets.

These drawings in Valcamonica, near to the central Alps in the northern Italy, are believed to be at least 10,000 years old and they are part of a collection of more than 200,000 petroglyphs (WOW!) carved into the rocks of the valley.

Most drawings are of animals and symbols. However, a few, like these ancient astronaut drawings, stand out for their completely bizarre nature.