Most Amazing Cities Found UNDERWATER!

  • Venky
  • Aug 16, 2017

Indeed, we have all known about the legend of Atlantis, the antiquated, once incredible city which was lost when the sea submerged it.

Till this day the incredible city still can't seem to be found (or a few people demonstrated to have at any point existed) yet finished the years numerous other submerged urban areas have been discovered, each of them as spooky as they are mind blowing.

1. Port Royal, Jamaica port-regal

Once an infamous hub for pirate activities, liquor, prostitutes and seething throughout the night parties, Port Royal has once marked 'the most fiendish and sinful city on the planet'.

On June 1692 when an enormous 7.5 earthquake shook this island of Jamaica, sucking the Port Royal within the ocean. It is believed that because of its unstable establishments the earthquake killed more than 2,000 of its occupants. Was this earthquake a lethal natural mishap or would it say it was retaliation for every one of the sins committed inside the cavity? For many years people trusted the latter reason.

In the years from that point forward the notorious city, once one of the biggest European urban areas in the New World, has kept on sinking and now it lies forty feet underneath the sea. This city is a hive for archeological investigation as incredibly many close flawless artifacts are as yet being uncovered from the site.

2. Dwarka, Gulf of Cambay, India Dwarka,-Gulf-of-Cambay,-India

The antiquated city of Lord Krishna was once thought to be only a myth yet ruins found in 2000 seem to be reviving the old Indian story.

The story goes that Lord Krishna had a heavenly city which was comprised of 70,000 castles made of gold, silver, and different valuable metals. The city was prosperous however upon Lord Krishna's passing Dwarka as far as anyone knows sank into the ocean.

The ruins are arranged 131 feet underneath the sea surface in the bay of what we call as modern-day Dwarka, one of the seven oldest urban communities in India. Acoustic examinations have demonstrated the ruins to be incredibly geometric, staggering experts.

Numerous artifacts have been recuperated from the site yet maybe none more vital than one which was dated to 7500 BCE, supporting the hypothesis that the ruins may well be the old Dwarka.

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